import enum
import webbrowser

import cursesmenu

import amg

class AmgMenu(cursesmenu.CursesMenu):

  """ Custom menu to choose review/track. """

  UserAction = enum.Enum("UserAction", ("DEFAULT", "OPEN_REVIEW", "DOWNLOAD_AUDIO"))

  def __init__(self, *, reviews, known_reviews, http_cache, mode, selected_idx):
    menu_subtitle = {amg.PlayerMode.MANUAL: "Select a track",
                     amg.PlayerMode.RADIO: "Select track to start from"}
    super().__init__("AMG Player v%s" % (amg.__version__),
                     "%s mode: %s "
                     "(ENTER to play, "
                     "D to download audio, "
                     "R to open review, "
                     "Q to exit)" % (,
    if selected_idx is not None:
      self.current_option = selected_idx
    review_strings = __class__.reviewsToStrings(reviews, known_reviews, http_cache)
    for index, (review, review_string) in enumerate(zip(reviews, review_strings)):
      self.append_item(ReviewItem(review, review_string, index, self))

  def process_user_input(self):
    """ Override key handling to add "open review" and "quick exit" features.

    See cursesmenu.CursesMenu.process_user_input
    self.user_action = __class__.UserAction.DEFAULT
    c = super().process_user_input()
    if c in frozenset(map(ord, "rR")):
      self.user_action = __class__.UserAction.OPEN_REVIEW
    elif c in frozenset(map(ord, "dD")):
      # select last item (exit item)
      self.user_action = __class__.UserAction.DOWNLOAD_AUDIO
    elif c in frozenset(map(ord, "qQ")):
      # select last item (exit item)
      self.current_option = len(self.items) - 1

  def get_last_user_action(self):
    """ Return last user action when item was selected. """
    return self.user_action

  def reviewsToStrings(reviews, known_reviews, http_cache):
    """ Generate a list of string representations of reviews. """
    lines = []
    for i, review in enumerate(reviews):
        play_count = known_reviews.getPlayCount(review.url)
        played = "Last played: %s (%u time%s)" % (known_reviews.getLastPlayed(review.url).strftime("%x %H:%M"),
                                                  "s" if play_count > 1 else "")
      except KeyError:
        if review.url in http_cache:
          review_page = amg.fetch_page(review.url, http_cache=http_cache)
          if amg.get_embedded_track(review_page, http_cache)[0] is None:
            played = "No track"
            played = "Last played: never"
          played = "Last played: never"
      lines.append(("%s - %s" % (review.artist, review.album),
                    "Published: %s" % (review.date_published.strftime("%x")),
    # auto align/justify
    max_lens = [0] * len(lines[0])
    for line in lines:
      for i, s in enumerate(line):
        if len(s) > max_lens[i]:
          max_lens[i] = len(s)
    sep = "\t"
    for i, line in enumerate(lines):
      lines[i] = "%s%s" % (" " if i < 9 else "",
                           sep.join(s.ljust(max_len + 1) for s, max_len in zip(line, max_lens)))
    return lines

  def setupAndShow(mode, reviews, known_reviews, http_cache, selected_idx=None):
    """ Setup and display interactive menu, return selected review index or None if exist requested. """
    menu = AmgMenu(reviews=reviews,
    idx = menu.selected_option
    return None if (idx == len(reviews)) else (idx, menu.get_last_user_action())

class ReviewItem(cursesmenu.items.SelectionItem):

  """ Custom menu item (menu line), overriden to support several actions per item. """

  def __init__(self, review, review_string, index, menu):
    super().__init__(review_string, index, menu) = review

  def action(self):
    if is AmgMenu.UserAction.OPEN_REVIEW:
      self.should_exit = False
      self.should_exit = True
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