import abc
import base64
import calendar
import datetime
import logging
import operator
import re
import string

import mutagen
import mutagen.easyid3
import mutagen.easymp4
import unidecode

from amg import sanitize

class TitleNormalizer:

  """ Class to chain all title tag transformations. """

  def __init__(self, artist, album):
    self.cleaners = []

    # remove consecutive spaces
    self.registerCleaner(FunctionCleaner(lambda x: " ".join(x.split()), execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove 'taken from album xxx, out (on) yyy' suffix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner("taken from .*, out ", execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove 'album: xxx track yy'
    self.registerCleaner(RegexCleaner("(album: .* )?track [0-9]+"))

    # detect and remove 'from xxx LP' suffix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner("from .* LP", execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove 'from xxx album' suffix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner("from .* album", execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove 'xxx out: yy.zz.aa' suffix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner(" [^ ]* out: [0-9]*.[0-9]*.[0-9]*", execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove '[xxx music]' suffix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner("[\[\( ][a-z]* music$", execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove 'record label xxx' suffix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner("record label:? [a-z0-9 ]*$", execute_once=True))

    # detect and remove track number prefix
    self.registerCleaner(RegexPrefixCleaner("^[0-9]+ - "))

    # detect and remove 'xxx records' suffix

    # detect and remove '- xxx metal' suffix
    for genre in ("metal", "crust", "grindcore", "grind"):
      self.registerCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner("[\-|\(\[/]+[ ]*(?:[0-9a-z/-]+[ ]*)+" + genre + "$", suffix=genre))

    # build list of common useless expressions
    expressions = []
    words1 = ("", "official", "new", "full", "the new")
    words2 = ("", "video", "music", "track", "lyric", "lyrics", "album", "album/tour", "promo", "stream", "single",
              "visual", "360", "studio", "audio", "song")
    words3 = ("video", "track", "premiere", "version", "clip", "audio", "stream", "single", "teaser", "presentation",
              "song", "in 4k", "4k", "visualizer", "album", "promo", "only", "excerpt", "vr", "lyric")
    for w1 in words1:
      for w2 in words2:
        for w3 in words3:
          if w3 != w2:
            if w1 or w2:
              for rsep in (" ", "-", ""):
                rpart = rsep.join((w2, w3)).strip()
                expressions.append(" ".join((w1, rpart)).strip())
    expressions.extend(("pre-orders available", "preorders available", "hd",
                        "official", "pre-listening", "prelistening", "trollzorn",
                        "uncensored", "s/t"))
    year =
    for y in range(year - 5, year + 1):
      for month_name, month_abbr in zip(MONTH_NAMES, MONTH_NAMES_ABBR):
        expressions.append("%s %u" % (month_name, y))
        expressions.append("%s %u" % (month_abbr, y))
    expressions.sort(key=len, reverse=True)
    suffix_cleaner = SimpleSuffixCleaner()
    for expression in expressions:
      self.registerCleaner(suffix_cleaner, (expression,))
    prefix_cleaner = SimplePrefixCleaner()
    for expression in expressions:
      self.registerCleaner(prefix_cleaner, (expression,))

    # detect and remove artist prefix ot suffix
    self.registerCleaner(ArtistCleaner(), (artist,))

    # detect and remove starting parenthesis expression

    # detect and remove album prefix or suffix
    self.registerCleaner(AlbumCleaner(), (album,))

    # fix paired chars

    # normalize case
    self.registerCleaner(FunctionCleaner(sanitize.normalize_tag_case, execute_once=True))

  def registerCleaner(self, cleaner, args=()):
    assert(isinstance(cleaner, TitleCleanerBase))
    self.cleaners.append((cleaner, args))

  def cleanup(self, title):
    cur_title = title

    start_index = 0
    while self.cleaners:
      to_del_idx = None

      for i, (cleaner, args) in enumerate(self.cleaners):
        if i < start_index:

        if cleaner.doSkip(cur_title, *args):

        remove_cur_cleaner = False

        new_title = cleaner.cleanup(cur_title, *args)
        if new_title and (new_title != cur_title):
          logging.getLogger().debug("%s changed title tag: %s -> %s" % (cleaner.__class__.__name__,
          # update string and remove this cleaner to avoid calling it several times
          cur_title = new_title
          remove_cur_cleaner = True
          start_index = 0

        elif cleaner.execute_once:
          remove_cur_cleaner = True
          # this cleaner did not match and we will remove it, continue from same index
          start_index = i

        if remove_cur_cleaner:
          to_del_idx = i

        # all cleaners have been called and string did not change

      if to_del_idx is not None:
        del self.cleaners[to_del_idx]

    if cur_title != title:
      logging.getLogger().info("Fixed title tag: %s -> %s" % (repr(title), repr(cur_title)))
    return cur_title

class TitleCleanerBase:

  """ Base class for all title cleaner subclasses. """

  RCLEAN_CHARS = list(string.punctuation)
  for c in "!?)-":
  for c in "(":
  RCLEAN_CHARS = str(RCLEAN_CHARS) + string.whitespace
  LCLEAN_CHARS = str(LCLEAN_CHARS) + string.whitespace

  def __init__(self, *, execute_once=False):
    self.execute_once = execute_once

  def doSkip(self, title, *args):
    """ Return True if this cleanup can be skipped for this title string. """
    return False

  def cleanup(self, title, *args):
    """ Cleanup a title string, and return the updated string. """

  def rclean(self, s):
    """ Remove garbage at right of string. """
    r = s.rstrip(__class__.RCLEAN_CHARS)
    if r.endswith(" -"):
      r = r[:-2].rstrip(__class__.RCLEAN_CHARS)
    return r

  def lclean(self, s):
    """ Remove garbage at left of string. """
    r = s.lstrip(__class__.LCLEAN_CHARS)
    c = unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(r).lstrip(__class__.LCLEAN_CHARS)
    if c != r:
      r = c
    return r

  def startslike(self, s, l):
    """ Return True if start of string s is similar to l. """
    return unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(s).lstrip(string.punctuation).lower().startswith(unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(l).rstrip(string.punctuation).lower())

  def endslike(self, s, l):
    """ Return True if end of string s is similar to l. """
    norm_s = unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(s).rstrip(string.punctuation).lower()
    norm_l = unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(l).lower()
    trunc = norm_s[:-len(norm_l)]
    return (norm_s.endswith(norm_l) and ((not trunc) or (not norm_s[:-len(norm_l)][-1].isalnum())))

  def rmsuffix(self, s, e):
    """ Remove string suffix. """
    return s.rstrip(string.punctuation)[:-len(unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(e))]

  def rmprefix(self, s, e):
    """ Remove string prefix. """
    return s.lstrip(string.punctuation)[len(unidecode.unidecode_expect_ascii(e)):]

class FunctionCleaner(TitleCleanerBase):

  """ Cleaner to apply a function to the title string. """

  def __init__(self, func, **kwargs):
    self.func = func

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    return self.func(title)

class SimplePrefixCleaner(TitleCleanerBase):

  """ Cleaner to remove a static string prefix. """

  def cleanup(self, title, prefix):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    if self.startslike(title, prefix):
      title = self.lclean(self.rmprefix(title, prefix))
    return title

class SimpleSuffixCleaner(TitleCleanerBase):

  """ Cleaner to remove a static string suffix. """

  def cleanup(self, title, suffix):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    if self.endslike(title, suffix):
      title = self.rclean(self.rmsuffix(title, suffix))
    return title

class ArtistCleaner(SimplePrefixCleaner, SimpleSuffixCleaner):

  """ Cleaner to remove artist prefix/suffix. """

  def cleanup(self, title, artist):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    # detect and remove artist prefix
    if self.startslike(title, artist):
      return SimplePrefixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, artist)
    elif self.startslike(title, artist.replace(" ", "")):
      return SimplePrefixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, artist.replace(" ", ""))
    # detect and remove artist suffix
    elif self.endslike(title, artist):
      return SimpleSuffixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, artist)
    elif self.endslike(title, artist.replace(" ", "")):
      return SimpleSuffixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, artist.replace(" ", ""))
    return title

class AlbumCleaner(SimplePrefixCleaner, SimpleSuffixCleaner):

  """ Cleaner to remove album prefix/suffix. """

  def cleanup(self, title, album):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    # detect and remove album prefix
    if self.startslike(title, album):
      return SimplePrefixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, album)
    # detect and remove album suffix
    elif self.endslike(title, album):
      title = SimpleSuffixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, album)
      # detect and remove album suffix's prefix
      for suffix in ("taken from", "from the album", "from"):
        if self.endslike(title, suffix):
          new_title = SimpleSuffixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, suffix)
          if new_title:
            title = new_title
    return title

class RegexCleaner(TitleCleanerBase):

  """ Cleaner to remove a regex match. """

  def __init__(self, regex, *, flags=re.IGNORECASE, **kwargs):
    self.regex = re.compile(regex, flags)

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    match =
    if match:
      title = self.rclean(title[:match.start(0)]) + " " + self.lclean(title[match.end(0):])
    return title

class RegexSuffixCleaner(RegexCleaner):

  """ Cleaner to remove a regex suffix match. """

  def __init__(self, regex, *, suffix=None, **kwargs):
    super().__init__(regex, **kwargs)
    self.suffix = suffix

  def doSkip(self, title, *args):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.doSkip. """
    if self.suffix is not None:
      return not self.endslike(title, self.suffix)
    return super().doSkip(title, *args)

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    match =
    if match:
      title = self.rclean(title[:match.start(0)])
    return title

class RegexPrefixCleaner(RegexCleaner):

  """ Cleaner to remove a regex prefix match. """

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    match =
    if match:
      title = self.lclean(title[match.end(0):])
    return title

class RecordsSuffixCleaner(RegexSuffixCleaner, SimpleSuffixCleaner):

  """ Cleaner to remove record suffix. """

  def __init__(self, **kwargs):
    super().__init__("[|\)\(\[][0-9a-z ]*records$", suffix="records", **kwargs)

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    # detect and remove 'xxx records' suffix
    match =
    if match:
      # '(xxx yyy records)' suffix
      title = self.rclean(title[:match.start(0)])
      title = SimpleSuffixCleaner.cleanup(self, title, "records")
      title = self.rclean(" ".join(title.split()[:-1]))
    return title

class StartParenthesesCleaner(TitleCleanerBase):

  """ Cleaner to remove parentheses string prefix. """

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    # detect and remove starting parenthesis expression
    if title.startswith("(") and (title.rfind(")") != (len(title) - 1)):
      return self.lclean(title[title.rfind(")") + 1:])
    return title

class PairedCharCleaner(TitleCleanerBase):

  """ Cleaner to fix chars that go by pair. """

  def cleanup(self, title):
    """ See TitleCleanerBase.cleanup. """
    # detect and remove unpaired chars
    char_pairs = (("()", False),
                  ("\"" * 2, False),
                  ("'" * 2, True))
    for (c1, c2), only_at_edges in char_pairs:
      if only_at_edges:
        if title.endswith(c2) and (c1 not in title[:-1]):
          title = title[:-1]
        elif title.startswith(c1) and (c2 not in title[1:]):
          title = title[1:]
        if c1 != c2:
          if (title.count(c1) + title.count(c2)) == 1:
            title = title.translate(str.maketrans("", "", c1 + c2))
          if title.count(c1) == 1:
            title = title.translate(str.maketrans("", "", c1))

    # detect and remove parenthesis at start and end
    if title.startswith("(") and title.endswith(")"):
      title = title[1:-1]

    return title

def normalize_title_tag(title, artist, album):
  """ Remove useless prefix and suffix from title tag string. """
  normalizer = TitleNormalizer(artist, album)
  return normalizer.cleanup(title)

def tag(track_filepath, review, cover_data):
  """ Tag an audio file, return tag dict excluding RG/R128 info and album art. """
  logging.getLogger().info("Tagging file '%s'" % (track_filepath))
  mf = mutagen.File(track_filepath)
  if isinstance(mf, mutagen.mp3.MP3):
    mf = mutagen.easyid3.EasyID3(track_filepath)
  elif isinstance(mf, mutagen.mp4.MP4):
    mf = mutagen.easymp4.EasyMP4(track_filepath)

  # override/fix source tags added by youtube-dl, because they often contain crap
  mf["artist"] = sanitize.normalize_tag_case(review.artist)
  mf["album"] = sanitize.normalize_tag_case(review.album)
    mf["title"] = normalize_title_tag(mf["title"][0], review.artist, review.album)
  except KeyError:
  tags = dict(mf)

  if cover_data is not None:
    if isinstance(mf, mutagen.easyid3.EasyID3) or isinstance(mf, mutagen.easymp4.EasyMP4):
      # EasyXXX helpers do not allow embedding album art, reopen as normal mutagen file
      mf = mutagen.File(track_filepath)

    # embed album art
    embed_album_art(mf, cover_data)

  return tags

def has_embedded_album_art(filepath):
  """ Return True if file already has an embedded album art, False instead. """
  mf = mutagen.File(filepath)
  if isinstance(mf, mutagen.ogg.OggFileType):
    return "metadata_block_picture" in mf
  elif isinstance(mf, mutagen.mp3.MP3):
    return any(map(operator.methodcaller("startswith", "APIC:"), mf.keys()))
  elif isinstance(mf, mutagen.mp4.MP4):
    return "covr" in mf

def embed_album_art(mf, cover_data):
  """ Embed album art into audio file. """
  if isinstance(mf, mutagen.ogg.OggFileType):
    picture = mutagen.flac.Picture() = cover_data
    picture.type = mutagen.id3.PictureType.COVER_FRONT
    picture.mime = "image/jpeg"
    encoded_data = base64.b64encode(picture.write())
    mf["metadata_block_picture"] = encoded_data.decode("ascii")
  elif isinstance(mf, mutagen.mp3.MP3):
  elif isinstance(mf, mutagen.mp4.MP4):
    mf["covr"] = [mutagen.mp4.MP4Cover(cover_data,

# copy month names before changing locale
MONTH_NAMES = calendar.month_name[1:]
MONTH_NAMES_ABBR = calendar.month_abbr[1:]
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