Microsoft Bitmap picture parser.
- file extension: ".bmp"

Author: Victor Stinner
Creation: 16 december 2005

from hachoir_parser import Parser
from hachoir_core.field import (FieldSet,
    UInt8, UInt16, UInt32, Bits,
    String, RawBytes, Enum,
    PaddingBytes, NullBytes, createPaddingField)
from hachoir_core.endian import LITTLE_ENDIAN
from hachoir_core.text_handler import textHandler, hexadecimal
from hachoir_parser.image.common import RGB, PaletteRGBA
from hachoir_core.tools import alignValue

class Pixel4bit(Bits):
    static_size = 4
    def __init__(self, parent, name):
        Bits.__init__(self, parent, name, 4)

class ImageLine(FieldSet):
    def __init__(self, parent, name, width, pixel_class):
        FieldSet.__init__(self, parent, name)
        self._pixel = pixel_class
        self._width = width
        self._size = alignValue(self._width * self._pixel.static_size, 32)

    def createFields(self):
        for x in xrange(self._width):
            yield self._pixel(self, "pixel[]")
        size = self.size - self.current_size
        if size:
            yield createPaddingField(self, size)

class ImagePixels(FieldSet):
    def __init__(self, parent, name, width, height, pixel_class, size=None):
        FieldSet.__init__(self, parent, name, size=size)
        self._width = width
        self._height = height
        self._pixel = pixel_class

    def createFields(self):
        for y in xrange(self._height-1, -1, -1):
            yield ImageLine(self, "line[%u]" % y, self._width, self._pixel)
        size = (self.size - self.current_size) // 8
        if size:
            yield NullBytes(self, "padding", size)

class CIEXYZ(FieldSet):
    def createFields(self):
        yield UInt32(self, "x")
        yield UInt32(self, "y")
        yield UInt32(self, "z")

class BmpHeader(FieldSet):
    color_space_name = {
        1: "Business (Saturation)",
        2: "Graphics (Relative)",
        4: "Images (Perceptual)",
        8: "Absolute colormetric (Absolute)",

    def getFormatVersion(self):
        if "gamma_blue" in self:
            return 4
        if "important_color" in self:
            return 3
        return 2

    def createFields(self):
        # Version 2 (12 bytes)
        yield UInt32(self, "header_size", "Header size")
        yield UInt32(self, "width", "Width (pixels)")
        yield UInt32(self, "height", "Height (pixels)")
        yield UInt16(self, "nb_plan", "Number of plan (=1)")
        yield UInt16(self, "bpp", "Bits per pixel") # may be zero for PNG/JPEG picture

        # Version 3 (40 bytes)
        if self["header_size"].value < 40:
        yield Enum(UInt32(self, "compression", "Compression method"), BmpFile.COMPRESSION_NAME)
        yield UInt32(self, "image_size", "Image size (bytes)")
        yield UInt32(self, "horizontal_dpi", "Horizontal DPI")
        yield UInt32(self, "vertical_dpi", "Vertical DPI")
        yield UInt32(self, "used_colors", "Number of color used")
        yield UInt32(self, "important_color", "Number of import colors")

        # Version 4 (108 bytes)
        if self["header_size"].value < 108:
        yield textHandler(UInt32(self, "red_mask"), hexadecimal)
        yield textHandler(UInt32(self, "green_mask"), hexadecimal)
        yield textHandler(UInt32(self, "blue_mask"), hexadecimal)
        yield textHandler(UInt32(self, "alpha_mask"), hexadecimal)
        yield Enum(UInt32(self, "color_space"), self.color_space_name)
        yield CIEXYZ(self, "red_primary")
        yield CIEXYZ(self, "green_primary")
        yield CIEXYZ(self, "blue_primary")
        yield UInt32(self, "gamma_red")
        yield UInt32(self, "gamma_green")
        yield UInt32(self, "gamma_blue")

def parseImageData(parent, name, size, header):
    if ("compression" not in header) or (header["compression"].value in (0, 3)):
        width = header["width"].value
        height = header["height"].value
        bpp = header["bpp"].value
        if bpp == 32:
            cls = UInt32
        elif bpp == 24:
            cls = RGB
        elif bpp == 8:
            cls = UInt8
        elif bpp == 4:
            cls = Pixel4bit
            cls = None
        if cls:
            return ImagePixels(parent, name, width, height, cls, size=size*8)
    return RawBytes(parent, name, size)

class BmpFile(Parser):
        "id": "bmp",
        "category": "image",
        "file_ext": ("bmp",),
        "mime": (u"image/x-ms-bmp", u"image/x-bmp"),
        "min_size": 30*8,
#        "magic": (("BM", 0),),
        "magic_regex": ((
            # "BM", <filesize>, <reserved>, header_size=(12|40|108)
        "description": "Microsoft bitmap (BMP) picture"
    endian = LITTLE_ENDIAN

        0: u"Uncompressed",
        1: u"RLE 8-bit",
        2: u"RLE 4-bit",
        3: u"Bitfields",
        4: u"JPEG",
        5: u"PNG",

    def validate(self):
        if self.stream.readBytes(0, 2) != 'BM':
            return "Wrong file signature"
        if self["header/header_size"].value not in (12, 40, 108):
            return "Unknown header size (%s)" % self["header_size"].value
        if self["header/nb_plan"].value != 1:
            return "Invalid number of planes"
        return True

    def createFields(self):
        yield String(self, "signature", 2, "Header (\"BM\")", charset="ASCII")
        yield UInt32(self, "file_size", "File size (bytes)")
        yield PaddingBytes(self, "reserved", 4, "Reserved")
        yield UInt32(self, "data_start", "Data start position")
        yield BmpHeader(self, "header")

        # Compute number of color
        header = self["header"]
        bpp = header["bpp"].value
        if 0 < bpp <= 8:
            if "used_colors" in header and header["used_colors"].value:
                nb_color = header["used_colors"].value
                nb_color = (1 << bpp)
            nb_color = 0

        # Color palette (if any)
        if nb_color:
            yield PaletteRGBA(self, "palette", nb_color)

        # Seek to data start
        field = self.seekByte(self["data_start"].value)
        if field:
            yield field

        # Image pixels
        size = min(self["file_size"].value-self["data_start"].value, (self.size - self.current_size)//8)
        yield parseImageData(self, "pixels", size, header)

    def createDescription(self):
        return u"Microsoft Bitmap version %s" % self["header"].getFormatVersion()

    def createContentSize(self):
        return self["file_size"].value * 8
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