Package Description

IPyk is a command line utility for managing locally run IPython kernels.



If you have pip installed, run:

pip install ipyk

You can also download the source tarball, unpack, and run:

python install


Start a new kernel using the default IPython profile: :

ipyk -s

Start a new kernel using a specific profile: :

ipyk -s my_profile

List running kernels; depending on the version of IPython you are using, the kernel JSON files may be stored in different locations: :

ipyk -l
0: /run/user/1000/jupyter/kernel-12345.json

Connect to a running kernel; note that the argument is the integer listed by ipyk -l, not the process ID: :

ipyk -c 0

After connecting to a running kernel, one can disconnect without killing the kernel by running quit(keep_kernel=True).

Terminate a running kernel: :

ipyk -k 0


See the included AUTHORS.rst file for more information.


This software is licensed under the BSD License. See the included LICENSE.rst file for more information.

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