Note that version is currently 0.9.1 -- currently intended just for collaborators, etc. A general-use version 1.0.0 is planned within a year. (Note that the email currently linked to the PyPI account is infrequently checked --if you have interest in this software, please find J. Franck's website and contact by that email.)

Object-oriented Python package for processing spectral data -- or in general, n-dimensional data with labeled axes (i.e. n-Dimensional gridded data like an HDF SDS). If you are working in a lab developing new spectroscopic methodologies, then this package is definitely for you. If you deal with multi-dimensional data of some other form, then it's likely for you.

Web documentation will be coming soon.

NMR/ESR specific ========= Because it was written primarily for NMR data, it also includes:

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